Cam Bot
Pastie Bot
Buckaroo Bot
"Pix Bot and Poz Bot" or "Say Cheese"
"Scrabble Crazy Robots" or "The Battle of the Sixes"
"I Can Dig It" or "The Terra Cotta Robotta"
"Betty Bot" or "Tweet Tweet Baby"
"Arrr Bot" or "The Quest For Booty"
"Pastie Bot" or "Another Riveting Night at the Palace"
"Bowler Bot" or "Right Up Gene's Alley"
"Ninja Bot" or "Not in My Dojo"
"Self As Bot I" or "A Heart Wrenching Tale"
"Self As Bot II" or "His Heart's in the Right Place"
"Self as Bot III" or "Beware the Lookie Loos"
"Robo-Dennis" or "The Heart Has Beaches"