COLTS WIN -(yeah I'm shouting, deal with it)

5 Feb 2007 in other

Colts - 29 Bears - not so much...

How 'bout my COLTS???

I know I don't post often, but extraordinary events call for blogging. As long as I have taken my little place on this orb called earth, I have been waiting for some kind of national sports championship for one of my teams.

This past Sunday, It happened.

It happened in such a bizarre, too good to be true, gotta be hollywood kind of way.

There were so many firsts. There was Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith, becoming the first African American coaches to lead their respective teams to a Super Bowl. (A+ on the Rooney Rule) There was Peyton Manning and Tony Dungy getting their first (of hopefully many) Super Bowl Rings. There was the first game starting Kick-Off Return for a TD (Ohio State - Florida 2007 BCS anyone?).

I am thrilled that the Colts won, and thrilled for my hometown.

is that enough Indy brand jingoism for you all? Fair enough.

If you need me, I'll be watching Colts highlights as often as I can.

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