14 May 2006

And yet another post...

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So it seems that I don't use the blog thing as much as one could. So be it. I am adding a post this evening however to crow a bit about the fact that I am currently in two shows. This is a big deal for me. As a young lad, I often hoped I could get into just one. Hooray for me. I also wanted to thank Mindy B. for assisting me during the installation of the "Launch Party" pieces. This was a four hour install-o-rama, which wound up being the second most exciting/odd thing that happened on Saturday. I won't go into a large amount of detail, but there was some grilling going on, parts of thumbs were almost lost, and a late night picnic broke out in the E.R.

Yeah, Saturday was strange, and quite frankly had to be documented.

Check the Bio section for info on the two shows. Swing by if you can.


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